Short fiction/experimental

7 min


Rötter (Roots) is a poetic and associative film without a fixed narrative. Hypnotic images unfolds. Dreams, hallucinations and memories intertwine. Nature is present. Heritage, trauma and violence of present Sweden are explored as we move thru different time perspectives.

Cast: Hassan Nahili, Alva Ramirez, Alexander Wisén, Farshid Rodsari, Mimmi Kandler 

Director: Henrik Zammel

Text/Voice Over.: Segal Mohamed

Cinematographer: Gergely Pálos

Editor: Henrik Zammel

Sound Design: Erik Löderstedt

Costume: Jasmin Farran

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Short fiction

15 min


At an isolated residence, support worker Charlotte is in full control. Through medication and indoctrination of social codes, she aim to re-adapt a group of diagnosed and dysfunctional residents, unable to fit into the well organised Swedish society. When a silent woman dressed as a western heroine arrives, both Charlotte’s profession and identity gets questioned.

Cast: Emmeli Stjärnfeldt, Agnes Rase, Micki Stollt, Segal Mohamed, Natalie Merchart, Gorki Glaser Müller, Simone Mbatha

Director & Script: Henrik Zammel

Producer: Maida Krak / Madbunny Production

Cinematographer: Fredrik Sellergren

Editor: Henrik Zammel, Dorna Aslanzadeh

Composer & Sound Design: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Costume: David Njie

Set Design: Åke Risenfors


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Short fiction

21 min


A young boy is fooling around in a cellar together with his friend. A caretaker finds a golden ring from a women that just passed away. A father drives to an unfamiliar neighborhood to test the business skills of his son. In the afternoon they all meet in an apartment to negotiate.

Cast: Dag Malmberg, David Piispanen, Hannah Aurell, Oliver Paschetto, Ibrahim Faal

Director & Script: Henrik Zammel

Producer: Henrik Zammel, Maida Krak

Cinematographer: Niklas Beckman Larsson

Editor: Abraham Yunes, Henrik Zammel

Sound Design: Lars Wignell / Auditory

Costume: Linnea Bågander

Set Design: Maria Kuzic


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